A Great Product for Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers!

I am so excited to use this to teach my soon-to-be 6 year old daughter cursive first (Channie’s Quick & Neat Cursive Pad). We have several other Channie’s products, so I was confident buying this one. I plan to teach her one letter at a time, then one word at a time, and work up to writing a sentence. I like that this product allows for us to write the words and sentences we want to write, as opposed to a canned writing curriculum.


—Mariel H

These pads are wonderful!

I have so many young students with very poor writing. These pads are helping them to improve. I am personally appalled at the apparent lack of time our schools are spending on writing. First they dump cursive, and now it appears there is no time to ensure that printing is legible! Sadly, many don’t even see the need to write well! These pads are wonderful! I also think the kids like writing on them and comparing their letters to the ones on the sample card.

—Renee S

Great for practice!

This pad is perfect for cursive handwriting practice. My daughter loves it and it has really helped with her letters.

—Danyell G – Homeschooler


This little card is so handy to have right next to my son. With this card he doesn’t have to flip back and forth to see how a letter is written.

—Danyell G – Homeschooler

Love it!

My 7yr old had a very hard time learning to us the lined paper cause he wrote small, but I had a hard time reading his hand writing. I bought this set hoping he would like it and he loves it. He said it’s so much easier to use. We use it for most of his writing.

—Danyell G – Homeschooler

Vision issues causes spacing issues

Due to my child having a vision issue, her words would all run together, therefore, there was NO spacing in between words. This allows her to see the lines and where her letters should go. We like this product so far.

—Nicole P – Parent

Thanks a Million!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this! I have been really looking forward to receiving the pads. I have a first grader and a fourth grader that I am working on reading and language arts intervention. I have been searching high and low for something like this to add to our learning experience. I think the kids will love the pads and I believe they are going to be super beneficial! I will make sure to share my joy with my fellow teachers on our elementary campus! Thanks a million for helping us teach our little ones!

—Holly, a Special Education Teacher