Classroom Poster – Two Sided Dry-Erase Classroom Resource – 22″x17″

  • Visual Handwriting, Alphabet, and Math Wipe Clean Dry Erase Poster; Patent Pending; Grades Pre K – 2; Practice Learning, Tracing, and Writing the Alphabet and Numbers; Perfect for Elementary School Children; Easy Clean, write on and Simply Wipe Off
  • Dry Erase Poster Uses Green Shade Blocks to Organize Writing and Maintain Small Case Position for Letters; Use Single Digit Color Coded Blocks for Math, Which Aid Uniform Number Size; Creates a Guide for Straight Printing to Avoid Landslide Writing
  • Visual Approach Promotes Self Correction If Writing or Numbers Go Outside Block; Vertical Lines, Green Color Blocks, and Divider Lines Help Guide Kids to Print Straight and Neat, Use Proper Spacing, and Maintain Proper Letter, Number Size, and Shape
  • Encourages Academic Discipline and Independent Student Work; Promotes Learning, Tracing, and Practicing ABCs, Letters, Words, Numbers, and Penmanship; Great Resource for Special Education and Homeschools
  • Made for Basic Letters, Math, Printing, Teaching, Spelling, Counting, and Learning; Good for Rehabilitation for Adults in Occupational Therapy; Perfect for Both Boys and Girls; Loved by Teachers, Parents, and Homeschoolers as a model. The other side has 4 rows of blocks to practice writing letters and numbers on their own.



Visual Approach

Visual Approach

Blocks are used to guide students to proper letter and number formation. If the lettering does not fill a block, or if it goes outside of the block, the student erases and tries again. Self-correction is easy with this system that inspires self-confidence.

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Weight 0.2 lbs

Why Channie’s Visual Writing Workbooks?

Channie’s is known for visual learning materials to make learning and teaching easy and fun for teachers, parents, and most importantly, kids.

Quick improvement is often reported by teachers and parents alike with children’s handwriting and for quickly building a better and more solid math foundation.

Here are 4 reasons why Channie’s Visual Writing Pads are so effective?

1 – Blocks for consistent letter size;
2 – Double vertical lines to guide proper spacing;
3 – Middle green shade helps in lowercase placement and writing in straight lines; and
4 – The ability to self-correct when writing outside the lines.


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