Helping Him Already

My son is on the older side: 9 going on 10. I put off working with him because I just knew his handwriting would naturally improve as he got older. Well, here he is going into 4th grade and his handwriting still looks like something a Kindergartener would write.

This notebook seemed like the most pain-free solution and so far, it hasn’t disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, he gets frustrated a lot because he’s never had to pay attention to his penmanship before, but it is slowly improving. His handwriting when he isn’t using this notebook is slowly improving.

One neat thing: when his big sisters (ages 10 and 13) saw his notebook, they exclaimed that they wanted some too! So I’ll be getting notebooks for all of them and they can all practice their handwriting together.

Purchased:  W600-Channie’s Quick & Neat Writing Pad

—Tiffani W

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