Two years handwriting struggle, fixed in 2 months!

I am Channie, a mother of a 10 year old Alex. I went through a struggled and difficult first two years of his school because Alex’s handwriting problems, such as letters are too big, or too small; too high, too low; landslide style; too crowed or too far apart etc, to a point, the teacher, I, and especially Alex were all frustrated. This prolonged handwriting problem also delayed his learning ability.

I searched and searched on internet, tried to find something visual, simple to guide his handwriting, but all the lined paper that didn’t help Alex in the past two years, matter of fact, he was confused by these lines. So I have no choice but to design something my own to help him– Channie’s visual handwriting workbook was born.

I asked him copy few pages from a book every day on the worksheet, after he used 3 workbooks of W600 (now is Channie’s Quick & Neat Writing Pad for 1st – 3rd Grade), his handwriting was dramatically improved! The 2nd grade teacher Ms Fall and the Principle Ms Plunkett were so amazed, they immediately introduced to Kindergarten and 1st Grade classes. “Every teacher wants one for their class!”

The sooner the young children start their alphabet learning by using Channie’s visual workbooks, the faster and easier for them gain visual understanding of basic writing.  It helped my son in just short two months, it will help yours too!


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